Manifesto for needseconomy


Provide for everybody's rightful needs
not for our greed at the sacrifice of others suffering


The current economic system destroys man and earth. Today it is money that rules most of our society. Not peoples needs. Two fundamental economic institutions/drawbacks the wagelabourcoercion and the capitalgrowthcoercion in combination prevent us all to live in dignity, a dignified way of living. Economic problems also concern morality and spirituality. We must all help each other to change the economic system and overcome our greed. On these obstacles, on their terrible and catastrophic consequences and on how they can be avoided deals the book: Manifesto for needseconomy.


By Tomas Blomberg
Tomas Blomberg is born 1940. He studied and taught mathematics and theoretical physics at University of Stockholm. He has also been working with IT-systems as programmer and systems analyst and with general questions about banking and then seen the needs of a completely new economic system, starting with all peoples needs, Needseconomy.

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