Conscious spacetime.Consciousness beyond the brain and faster than light. Towards a science of the soul.

Extended version of a talk given  at WCE conference

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Conscious Spacetime. Experiences localised in spacetime and a

 mathematical conjecture towards a proof of conscious experiences existing beyond brain

 Paper   presented at Society for Scientific exploration Sigtuna  2016 Life and Mind Scientific Challenges   My   abstract and power point with text and Power-point


Beyond brain network - Conscious Spacetime Abstract and poster

 Poster  presented at The Brain's Networks The Sahlgrenska Academy Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology Gothenburg 18-20 Sept 2015

Conscious Spacetime - related to integration of 1st and 3rd perspective of consciousness and integration of block time and subjective time. Abstract

Paper presented at  Towards a Science of Consciousness Helsinki, 8-13 June 2015    


Conscious Spacetime. A possible connection between phenomenal properties and six-dimensional spacetime Abstract and poster

           Poster  presented at Towards a Science of Consciousness 21-26 April 2014 Tucson



What can a brain really do? Mind-body problem either undecidable or materialism is false.  Abstract


Paper presented at  Towards a Science of Consciousness Stockholm 3-7 may 2011