Conscious spacetime.Consciousness beyond the brain and faster than light. Towards a science of the soul.

Extended version of a talk given  at WCE conference

Abstract        PowerPoint     

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Conscious Spacetime. Experiences localised in spacetime and a

 mathematical conjecture towards a proof of conscious experiences existing beyond brain

 Paper   presented at Society for Scientific exploration Sigtuna  2016 Life and Mind Scientific Challenges   My   abstract and power point with text and Power-point


Beyond brain network - Conscious Spacetime Abstract and poster

 Poster  presented at The Brain's Networks The Sahlgrenska Academy Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology Gothenburg 18-20 Sept 2015

Conscious Spacetime - related to integration of 1st and 3rd perspective of consciousness and integration of block time and subjective time. Abstract

Paper presented at  Towards a Science of Consciousness Helsinki, 8-13 June 2015    


Conscious Spacetime. A possible connection between phenomenal properties and six-dimensional spacetime Abstract and poster

           Poster  presented at Towards a Science of Consciousness 21-26 April 2014 Tucson



What can a brain really do? Mind-body problem either undecidable or materialism is false.  Abstract

 Paper presented at  Towards a Science of Consciousness Stockholm 3-7 may 2011


On a mathematical possible extension of space-time in the special theory of relativity to six dimensions and its relation to near-death- experiences and to the mind-matter problem in general. Abstract

Paper presented at

Nordic Conference on EXPLORING THE SPIRITUAL DIMENSION , Stockholm Sweden


NDE and six-dimensional spacetime.

Paper presented at International congress On the meaning of the NDE.Epistemology, consciousness research and therapy, Florø ,Norway.

My first conference presentation of the idea of six dimension and consciousness, first popularly described in a  chapter  in a Swedish book,

see Abstract about the same as 1999 see above