A contest for writing essays on best evidence for survival  genertared 200 scholar essays.

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A quote  in beginning of winning essay is clearly relevant

Single facts can never be “proved” except by their coherence in a system. But, as all facts come singly, anyone who dismisses them one by one is destroying the conditions under which the conviction of new truth could arise in the mind.

F. C. S. Schiller Philosophy Professor Oxford University


I didn' win but I think my essay is worth reading.

My short summary

Summing up

There is no explanation of how the brain can create even ordinary daily sensory experiences, so the brain hypothesis has not given any solution of that in 200 years.
The radical idea of spread mind, that consciousness and the world is one, that experience of an object is the object we experience, so that experience are identical to objects in the world, on the contrary is a possible explanation.

There are good evidences that psi exists - but no explanation for that either.
Some mediumistic and reincarnation cases, which at face value support survival, can according to Braude also be explained with super psi, even if he argues that survival is the better explanation.
But we have no explanation of super psi, especially not from the brain.
NDEs indicate that there exist more dimensions.
One possibility for more dimensions, which also can be experienced, is an extension of Einstein-Minkowski’s spacetime to six dimensions.
Consciousness is identical with spacetime. Sensory experiences are identical with ordinary physical world in the now and mental experience are identical with higher dimensions outside the now.
The object we experience is the experience of the object.
I claim this gives a better understanding of all experiences, normal, paranormal, NDE and spiritual. So, it is better than brain and even super-psi. And in this view, partly based on evidence from NDE, consciousness is not produced by brain but exists independently of the brain, and is in and identical with spacetime, which in higher dimensions can be eternal, so a strong support that consciousness can exist even after permanent bodily death.